Chapter Eternal


May each Frater's memory be enshrined in the mindsa and hearts of those with whom he had lived.

NameScroll #Initiation DateDeceasedNotification On
David E. Barnard37111/3/19792/6/20242/15/2024
Albert L. Moore1451/22/19651/24/20241/24/2024
Larry J. Willis1649/17/19661/24/20241/24/2024
Charlie M. Wein2554/6/197210/23/202311/2/2023
Kerry W. Moser32611/20/19763/7/20233/14/2023
Billy K. Brewster10310/6/196110/3/202210/13/2022
Jack D. Parker2322/6/19716/2/2022 
David T. Foreman1191/27/196311/30/20212/1/2022
Steven L. Martin1829/30/196710/16/202010/29/2020
Arthur W. Salisbury, D.Ph.195/5/19569/24/202010/8/2020
J. C. Mallard1325/22/19648/10/202012/21/2020
Stephen W. Smith2242/7/19704/17/20209/10/2020
Charles O. Mohr789/15/19594/14/20208/4/2020
Gayle L. Guthrie934/12/19609/29/20193/22/2021
Marc White35011/5/19777/20/20198/1/2019
Jackson R. Wilhite77811/11/20181/29/20192/4/2019
Richard M. Anders1345/22/196410/6/20185/6/2020
Terry Mosley37911/3/1979 9/21/2018
Thomas G. Rossiter5453/31/19969/16/20189/21/2018
Jay R. Musgrave3124/16/1976 7/10/2018
Steven R. Heyman3145/7/1976 7/10/2018
Richard L. Babb75/5/1956 7/10/2018
Dennis C. Millirons2172/7/19704/2/201811/29/2018
Jay V. Armstrong31911/20/19767/24/20168/3/2016
Frank M. Head2102/15/19696/14/20166/22/2016
Kenneth D. Brown2192/7/1970 6/1/2016
Stephen L. Champion2202/7/1970 6/1/2016
Jerry D. Jowell1852/3/1968 6/1/2016
Thomas M. Sullivan1862/3/1968 6/1/2016
Vernon R. Brinlee1999/15/1968 6/1/2016
David C. Webb2019/15/1968 6/1/2016
John F. Hughes1742/4/1967 6/1/2016
Daniel R. Stone1772/4/1967 6/1/2016
William R. Dyson1819/30/1967 6/1/2016
Donnie D. Glidewell1532/5/1966 6/1/2016
James G. Craig1335/22/1964 6/1/2016
Phillip L. Pettus1235/24/1963 6/1/2016
Ronald D. Liles1285/22/1964 6/1/2016
Wayne L. Randall1305/22/1964 6/1/2016
Gary R. Willaby D.Ph.955/26/1960 6/1/2016
Jerry C. Childress991/1/1961 6/1/2016
Billy D. Nelson1072/2/1962 6/1/2016
Danny L. Tisdal1092/2/1962 6/1/2016
W. C. Edwards, Jr.1141/27/1963 6/1/2016
Phillip W. Daniels85/5/1956 6/1/2016
Don E. Ross105/5/1956 6/1/2016
Oral D. Copeland35/5/1956 6/1/2016
Donald L. Spainhower45/5/1956 6/1/2016
John F. Blanton, Jr.55/5/1956 6/1/2016
Troy L. Johnston265/5/1956 6/1/2016
John H. Stice275/5/1956 6/1/2016
Clarence A. Bradley305/5/1956 6/1/2016
William D. Kirby315/5/1956 6/1/2016
Fred W. Allen385/6/1956 6/1/2016
Mike O. Brown3910/2/1956 6/1/2016
James C. Rogers809/15/1959 6/1/2016
Andy J. Ryan699/19/1958 6/1/2016
Stanley L. McClung759/15/1959 6/1/2016
Robert B. Todd, Jr.891/31/1960 6/1/2016
Mickey E. Toler901/31/1960 6/1/2016
Ben A. Brown, Jr.492/12/1957 6/1/2016
Fred W. Allen, Jr.502/12/1957 6/1/2016
Robert K. Goodloe521/31/1959 6/1/2016
Ray D. Rittenhouse II32811/20/1976 6/1/2016
Richard D. Johnson31611/20/1976 6/1/2016
Charles L. Comer31711/20/1976 6/1/2016
Harlan D. Spainhour2853/28/1975 6/1/2016
Bradley N. Treadwell2943/29/1975 6/1/2016
Larry J. Haas26112/12/1972 6/1/2016
Terry Wheeler26512/12/1972 6/1/2016
Kenneth L. Stotts3903/22/1980 6/1/2016
Jon Ward3913/22/1980 6/1/2016
Ted W. Fitzhugh, Jr.3524/15/1978 6/1/2016
Scott Borelli39711/7/1980 6/1/2016
David P. Johnson4043/20/1980 6/1/2016
Jeffrey A. Self43411/26/1982 6/1/2016
Brit J. Nixon4564/21/1984 6/1/2016
Merle E. Mosley4668/26/1985 6/1/2016
Richard D. Talley46711/15/1985 6/1/2016
Robert S. Cox4984/16/1988 6/1/2016
Gerald E. Borelli5104/13/1990 6/1/2016
David P. Upchurch33511/20/1976 6/1/2016
Thomas M. Gray539/19/1959 6/1/2016
John Siemens5424/21/1996 6/1/2016
Wade A. Anderson3664/14/19792/28/20163/9/2016
Stu V. Sullins60812/4/20096/5/20156/9/2015
Bill M. Hamilton881/31/19606/5/20146/18/2014
Steve R. Simmons33011/20/197610/18/201310/30/2013
John W. Granchie5124/13/1990 4/9/2013
Thomas Fryar175/5/1956 3/25/2013
Homer F. Timmons622/1/1958 2/18/2013
Stephen Engle3064/16/1976 2/14/2013
Dayton L. Power51811/9/19902/8/20118/8/2014
Charles L. O'Rear865/26/196010/23/200710/23/2007
Melvin L. Carr1842/3/1968 11/22/2002
Robert D. Sinner145/5/19566/25/20027/15/2002
Lee M. Ratcliffe4410/2/19565/6/20026/24/2009
George Gabrish27711/9/1974 7/28/2000
Albert H. Eaton4210/2/19565/3/199910/6/2009
Arnold Kliewer2345/11/19712/20/19992/26/2010
Derek Webb4904/11/1987 10/20/1998
Robert A. Winters3923/25/19802/22/19981/29/2010
James D. Hughes165/5/1956 6/4/1997
John S. Jameson255/5/1956 10/4/1996
Dorman A. Knight215/5/195611/27/199511/27/1995
Ernest M. Holcomb4310/2/19568/7/199310/20/2009
Cedric L. Crink375/5/19562/27/19924/15/1997
Claude Foreman1635/17/19663/1/198710/20/2009
R. Russell Harshaw27911/9/197411/9/197810/19/1998
Jimmie W. Wells1265/22/19645/22/196810/4/1996
Michael B. Dowling1401/22/19651/22/196710/4/1996
Donald R. Brown839/15/19599/15/196010/4/1996
Jerry D. Moser1699/17/19661/1/19003/27/2023
Carl F. Reed731/31/19591/1/19003/22/2021
Bryan H. Potter235/5/19561/1/19001/1/2021
Thomas E. Baucum15/5/19561/1/19001/1/2021
Howard L. Mosley, Jr.1215/24/19631/1/19001/1/2021
Roderick L. Marcha37811/3/19791/1/19001/1/2021
Raymond Kudobeck4841/15/19871/1/19001/1/2021

The Epsilon-Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Southwestern Oklahoma State University was installed as a chapter on May 5, 1956.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.